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Doordarshan The Father of the series in Indian Television. Watch doordarshan Live Streaming online Free including Live Cricket and T20 World Cup 2012 Live being held in Sri Lanka. Live Doordarshan network Live Cricket Streaming Online. It amazing How the once stalwart of Indian Television World are loosing its identity through some of the big Private Channels in the Entertainment Industries. Too much Commercialization on Private Industries made Pioneer of Indian Television Predominantly Outdated.

Watch Doordarshan Live Streaming T20 World Cup

You can Watch ICC T20 World Cup Live Streaming on Doordarshan online Live. Watch it here www. gg . gg / 3cric [Remove Spaces]

Doordarshan had Average opening with make shift studios and small transition at Delhi in 1959. The Regular Transmission started on 1965 and Extended it network to Amritsar and Bombay now Mumbai till 1972. Up till 1975 It covered seven Major cities in India and Had a Monopoly of sole Television provider in India.

The decade of Eighties brought the revolution of Doordarshan in Television industries. In 1982 National Telecast were introduced and Color television Launched in Indian Market.

More so The Whole of India witnessed the First live speech on Indian Independence day from than Prime Ministerin Ms. Indira Gandhi. The success followed by 1982 Asian games which was held at New Delhi. Till than more than 80% of Indian Population watched Doordharshan through Direct transmitter and Regional Transmitter.

During Mid-Eighties several peach of serials Telecast on Doordarshan which even now remembers by than viewed veiwers.

Hum Log, Buniyad, Nukkad and Comedy show yeh Zindagi ruled the Indian Audience for many many years were as the Mythological serial like Ramanand Sagars Ramayana and BR chopra Mahabharata steal the people from the street.

The same Pattern followed Children programme like Mickey and Donald, Giant Robart, Diney Adventure, Puppet shows still rankles in Every Adults mind when it comes to memories of Child hood.

Fairy tales script like Wagle ki Duniya, Malgudi Days, Alif laila, Vikram Bethal has created a huge penetration in a heart of every Indian television Audience. while Social issues serial like Rajni always provided inspiration to every Indian woman.

Start of Nineties witnesses many Private Channels like Star Plus, Zee TV, Sony started to give tough competition to Doordarshan. Hence to neutralize the effect of privatization in entertainment Industries and to hold long term Indian audience Doordarshan launched DD Metro which has created havoc for Indian audience as many Middle class people switched off their Cable Network and just concentrated on these two Doordarshan Channel DD National and DD Metro.

Relatively New Film were started showing every Friday Saturday and Sunday to keep the viewers under control. Serial Shown in DD Metro like Junoon, Ajnabi, Kannoon Commedy serial Like Dekh bhai dekh, Zabann sambhalke Shrimaan Shrimati, Tu Tu main main.

Thriller serial like Marhsal and Previosuly Karam chand in Mid Eighties were as Super human serial Shaktimaan etc were the most talking points in every households in india.

Live Cricket on Doordarshan

In 1996 Doordarshan got the contract to Live Telecast every matches of ICC T20 Cricket World cup 2012 along with Star Cricket and ESPN.

This has been huge achievement gained by doordarshan on that period of time. Howeevr at the end of 90s and start of milenium Doordarshan has withdrawn its most Iconic satellite Channel DD Metro under a Mysteriousness reason.

Many of their serials were aired into Private Channels for some period of time. As the result the TRP ratings of Doordarshan drastically declining and Zee TV, Star Plus and Sony has taken a Strong grip on Indian audience as well as Overseas.

Only Hindi films song Programme like Chitrahaar and Rangoli still telecasting at the moment were as other rights has given to Prasar Bharti.

Doordarshan being the first channel in India still existing even though they are not witnessed by many specially in Metro cities however they still exist in Rural Backward areas where the Infrastructure for Private players are Limited and Scope is also below the line.

The death of DD Metro and Stagnation of DD National along with commercialization of Other Indian Channels had broken them badly.

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