Pakistan vs India Hockey Final Live – Asian Hockey Champions Trophy Final

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Watch Pakistan vs India Hockey Final Live Streaming 27 Dec 2012. Asian Hockey Champions Trophy 2012 Final Match Live Scorecard 27th December 2012 at Al-Rayyan Stadium, Doha. PAK vs IND Asian Hockey Live Score card, news updates, goal scores and live streaming on 27/12/2012. 2nd Doha Asian Hockey Champions Trophy 2012 Final match live streaming online will be PTV Sports official website (Probable). So Indian first defeat to Malaysia finishes pool stage of 2nd Men’s Asian Hockey Champions Trophy 2012/13 being played at Doha.

Pakistan vs India Asian Hockey Champions Trophy Final Live

PAKistan 5 – 4 INDia

Indian Flag India 4  PakistanFlagPakistan5
70′ Jubiliation all over.
70′ FT: Pak wins 5-4
70′ There were 2 ball on the field for a short while, play resumes now.
70′ Into the last minute of the game. India still searching for the equalizer as Pak gets a 16-yard hit.
68′ Sardara’s quick pass with a reverse-grounded stick. Chinglen can’t reach out.
68′ Lakra enters the field for the final 2 m
68′ Game resumes, finally!
67′ This is unsporting of India, need not have walked out when trailing by a goal in the final.
67′ umpire has blown the whistle for Pak to play. Indians are coming back now.
67′ Nobbs and Lobo are standing on the side line.
67′ Crowd roars, there is no clue, Indians are nowhere to be seen.
67′ India is walking off! Indian team has left the field with just over 3m to go.
66′ Umpires don’t oblige, whole Indian team is on top of the Korean umpire
66′ There is a heated argument out there. India have just a missed a close chance, Danish couldn’t connect; India is asking a PC
66′ KOthajit’s dispatch inside, India get a long corner.
64′ Md. Imran seems to reserve his best for the final, as he struck a brace today in the crucial final, while so far his tally has been a lone solitary goal
64′ Mohammad Imran was the goal scorer.
64′ ** Goal : Pak 5-4**
63′ ** Penalty Corner : for Pak**
61′ Rupinder’s flick is way off this time, goes much left of the post. He is disappointed.
61′ ** Penalty Corner : Ball rises from Pak stick. PC for India**
59′ ** Goal : Rupinder brings back India. It can’t get bigger than this. Goals are coming by the minute.**
58′ Its very difficult to capture the moves here, as these are many and aplenty, each minute creating a couple of worthy attacks and blocks, hockey at its beauty here in Doha, the crowd collects its money in double
58′ ** Penalty Corner : It’s all happening here. India get a PC.**
57′ ** Goal : Pakistan score 4-3. Waqas**
55′ ** Goal : Chandi is at the right place at the right time. 3-3**
53′ India has missed a number of traps now. They seem to be buckling in desperation
53′ Sunil mistraps a pass from Dharamvir on the counter.
51′ Raghu’s smart lofted pass for Kothajit on the Pak back line, he traps it, enters the circle but dispossesed
50′ Brilliant run down by Somanna Pradhan but he is blocked by 3 Pak defenders.
50′ Sreejesh blocks a direct one.
49′ India in the attack, get a free hit inside Pak circle but couldn’t capitalize upon it.
48′ ** Goal : Whole stadium is on the roll as Pak pull back one more 3-2. Mohammad Imran’s flick**
47′ ** Penalty Corner : Waqas and Rizwan Sr.’s lovely display of Hockey. Whole defense is waiting for them, they come, find Rupinder’s foot and get a PC.**
43′ Play resumes now.
43′ Another attack from Pakistan, Sardara streches and dives desperately but the attack reaches Sreejesh, he blocks, still there is a chance for Pak on the loose ball. They miss it. Game stalled now as Sreejesh is hurt.
42′ ** Goal : Shafqat Rasool equalizes. 2-2 **
39′ On a free hit around the Indian quarter line, Sunil steals and India is into the attack again.
38′ ** Yellow Card : to Pak player**
37′ Rupinder blocks and prevents Pak from entering the circle.
36′ Match underway
35′ A Pak cricket site has crossed all limits. They totally display our Live page with same colouring pattern etc as if its their own!
35′ Unique s2h: We did last year for the entire Indian tour of Australia (24 days). Similarly, repeat its feat this time too. Only we have sent a journalist to Doha, providing information to whole of India and other Asian countries. All Indian based sites, social media pages, drive every update from us, we are happy about it, though a few of them never disclose their sources!!
35′ Advt: The finals of both Jr and Sr section of One Thousand Hockey Legs Delhi Cup 2012 will be held 14.00 hrs onwards at National stadium, India Gate, on saturday, the 29th Dec 2012. All are invited to witness kids hockey at its best. The preliminary rounds of the tournament involving 12 schools were held last week in four days.
35′ They save it. Umpire whistles a foul from India just before one of them whacks it in. There is a brief argument but all is well now. It’s HT now, India leads 2-1
35′ They save it.
35′ It will be 10 v 5 now.
35′ ** Penalty Corner : for India, as the HT hooter has sounded. Whole team is on the D now.**
33′ Long corner for Pakistan. No takers of the hit-in.
32′ Lovely stick work by Tousiq Mehmood, he earns a free hit too. His hit in is deflected by Salman Hussain but nowhere close to the Indian post.
31′ Good block by Rupinderpal at the 23-yard line. That fizzled-out a quick attack from Pakistan
30′ Rupinder shows good relex, uses his long stride to block a couple of Pak moves, Pak forwards appear very much small in height compared to this 6 footer.
30′ Pakistan on attack
29′ Whole forward line is inside waiting only for Chandi to dispatch the ball. When he got the ball, he was alone, when it was taken from him, he had 4 around him.
28′ India overcrowd itself in the circle
27′ Chinglen’s quick pass for Sunil but Pak had covered Sunil very well.
26′ Pakistan gets a free hit outside India’s quarter but the ball flies off high in the air after a deflection. Long corner for Pak.
24′ Both teams are pulling off on counters.
24′ Random hits from Waseem from the center line to the right, there is no one there. Indian crowd knows the best when to cheer.
23′ Note: Abbasi hasn’t come back on the field since he left.
22′ India showed perfect co-ordination in pushing and stopping (Danish Mujtafa) in giving a perfect environ for Raghunath to showcase his scoring skill
21′ ** Goal : Raghu pulls one back, India lead 2-1**
20′ ** Penalty Corner : Ball rises and PC for India**
19′ Pakistan’s shots on the goal are coming more often now
19′ Brilliant midfield work by Kothajit but mis-passes the ball.
19′ Muhammad Tousiq, placed very close to the Indian post, fails to connect a quick pass
18′ Chinglensana gets the ball on the counter, Nithin runs forward, asks him to scoop. He does but slightly faster and much ahead of Nithin.
17′ Both teams leave no stone unturned in terms of attacks, match as much fast ad furious as one would ask for
16′ Shafqat Rasool stole the ball from Lakra in India’s half, ran towards the ball but the ball was fast and it rolled over.
14′ Chenglensana Singh had set up Sunil, but the winger was bit slow and could not trap an excellent centre
14′ Sunil misses a sitter.
13′ Dharamvir passes to Sunil but the ball is flying fast. He couldn’t hold on to it.
13′ Chinglen is brought down. Free hit for India around the center line.
11′ Nithin steals one balls, runs with it but fails to hold on to it, crowd cheered as he moved.
10′ Its typical of India-Pak match, each team strikes a goal apiece in each successive minute.
10′ Another shot by Sunil but misdirected one.
10′ THIS IS WAQAS’s TENTH GOAL in the tournament
9′ This was SV Sunil’s fourth goal in the tournament
9′ ** Goal : Ind equalize, Sunil scores.**
7′ ** Goal : Pak goes up 1-0. Flick was deflected by Waqas**
6′ ** Penalty Corner : Raghu checks Rizwan. PC for Pak**
5′ India steps up attack, build moves from flanks, seems better organized, though a forward fail to connect a slow cross in front of the goal, a sure chance go abegging
5′ India miss a sure chance
4′ Pak player is down, game stalled. He is being taken on a stretcher. It is Shakeel Abbasi.
3′ Pakistan suffers a huge blow, as its main striker Shakeel Abbasi, who has so far posted 5 goals, is out of action time being due to injury
3′ Raghu to Manpreet to Chinglen in the left flank. He is checked in time.
2′ Match start on a high note, each side coming close to strike in first and second minute itself, perhaps the precursor of things to come
2′ Sunil gets a lofted pass, he swings his stick wild but the ball goes over the back line.
1′ Pakistan’s Waqas comes close to the India goal but hits into the ad boards.
0′ Advt: The finals of both Jr and Sr section of One Thousand Hockey Legs Delhi Cup 2012 will be held 14.00 hrs onwards at National stadium, India Gate, on saturday, the 29th Dec 2012. All are invited to witness kids hockey at its best. The preliminary rounds of the tournament involving 12 schools were held last week in four days.
0′ Pakistan’s Waqas is leading the scorer’s table with 9 goals, followed in second by India’s VR Raghunath, who had struck 7 goals.
0′ India have won four matches in trot to reach the final, though it last yesterday to Malaysia in an inconsequential last league match. On the other hand, Pakistan had a not-so-smooth run in the league. It tied 3-3 with Malaysia. Even Oman led Pakistan 2-1 on the opening day, before Pakistan handed out a thrilling defeat on them.
0′ Match commences
0′ Doha put in place syenthetic hockey turf to facilitate 2010 Asian Games, it was supposed to be a temporary arragement. However, the Qatar Hockey Federation took further interest and initiative to keep the facilities on, and because of those committed souls, this city is hosting as big as a tournament like Asian Champions Trophy
0′ Just a few seconds to go.
0′ National anthems done, game about to begin
0′ With tremendous expatriates in the gulf region, Gulf region act as a treasure trove of Asian hockey.
0′ India and Pakistan used to play on netural venues in the 80s to garner fame and money. It was in the Gulf, long before Sharjah cricket, came in to being, that commercial hockey was put on board. India played a couple of 3-Nation tournaments and bilateral series in the gulf after both Federations of India and Pakistan were paid handsome money and also each players paid for their services.
0′ India and Pakistan played the final last year too at Ordos, in China in the inaugural edition. It was a goalless draw, India won the final on tie-break
0′ Teams lined for the anthem. First time in the tournament, we will have the national anthems.
0′ Pakistan Zindabad, the stadium roars.
0′ It’s a full stadium here at the Al Rayyan Stadium, Doha, Qatar
0′ The umpires for today’s match are: Jang Jung Min (KOR) and Shin Dong Yun (KOR)
0′ The Pakistan team for the match is:
Imran Shah(GK)
Muhammad Imran©
Waseem Ahmed
Fareed Ahmed
Rashid Mehmood
Muhammad Waqas
Shafqat Rasool
Abdul Haseem Khan
Muhammad Rizwan Sr.
Shakeel Abbasi
Imran Butt(GK)
Syed Kashif Shah
Muhammad Tousiq
Ali Shan
Muhammad Ateeq
Muhammad Kashif Ali
Muhammad Irfan
Salman Hussain
0′ The Indian team for the match is:
Pradhan Sommanna
Rupinderpal Singh
Kothajit Singh
Manpreet Singh
Sardar Singh (Captain)
Dharamvir Singh
VR Raghunath (Vice-Captain)
PR Sreejesh
Danish Mujtaba
Nithin Thimmaiah
Gurvinder Singh Chandi
Harbir Singh
PT Rao
SV Sunil
Birendra Lakra
Akashdeep Singh
MB Aiyappa
Chinglensana Kangujam

Pakistan vs India Hockey Final Schedule

Thu Dec 27
19:00 local | 16:00 GMT | 21:30 IST | 21:00 PST
Final Match – Pakistan vs India
Al-Rayyan Stadium, Doha

Pakistan and India have reached Final of Doha Asian Champions Trophy to be played on 27th December 2012 at Doha. India vs Malaysia were very important game none of other than for Pakistan as we have seen in recent Pakistan in different sports games. Malaysia had to beat India by 3 goal score margin to make Pakistan out of the tournament but India beaten by 2 goals so India and Pakistan are the finalists teams of the event.

Malaysia were leading by 3-0 goal score till first half of the game but India came back into the game strongly and responded well. Pakistan had already beaten Japan by 5-2 goal score so they Pakistanis were praying for India’s win against Malaysia, unlikely :). Can Pakistan level their defeat of 24th December match in which India outclass Pakistan and reached final.

Malaysia and China will battle for bronze medal on 27th Dec. 2012 at 14:00 GMT while Japan and Oman will play for 5th position in 2nd Men’s Asian Hockey Champions Trophy 2012.

India are at top of the points table after all matches ended by winning 4 matches out of 5. Malaysia is the only team who managed to beat India by 5-3 goal score. Malaysia had to beat India by 3 goals margin by luckily it was 2 goals margin for Pakistan to qualify for Finals. Pakistan played 5 games, won 3, lost 1 and 1 was leveled against China.

Oman is the only team who couldn’t win any game in this tournament and Japan registered 1 win which was against Oman. Media is not covering this tournament well as lots of cricket is playing around so national games of two giant countries India and Pakistan, Hockey is not been giving any coverage on major channels. One of spectator says,

“What a shame that our national sport has very little coverage in the Times of India. There was a column on today’s Sport.. It said about Cricket as usual and Football… basic league matches, Pool and some other sport… Shamelessly the TOI does not give importance to Hockey – Our National Sport… I wonder how many Indians even know that it’s Hockey and not Cricket.”

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