World Snooker Championship Final Highlights-Muhammad Asif vs Gary Wilson

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Watch World Snooker Championship Final match between Muhammad Asif and Gary Wilson and being played in Sofia Bulgaria. The match was tied at the assigned time with 7-7 frames. Both players worked pretty hard to win this match, at one stage Muhammad Asif, the Pakistani Snooker player was leading with 6-4 but Gerry Wilson came back strongly and equalize the game in the 14th frame by 7-7. Pakistan has reached the Final of World Snooker Championship after 2003. Live Score Card of World Snooker Championship Final will be updated below. The match is still going on after a tie at 7-7 frames but this is best of 19 frames.

Note: This was not World Snooker Championship but amateur ISBF World Snooker Championship

Muhammad Asif Won

World Snooker Championship Highlights

M. Asif 10 - 8 Gary Wilson

Update 21:50 PST - Mohammad Asif WON

Update 21:50 PST - Mohammad Asif vs Gary Wilson (35-1) 18th frame
Update 21:46 PST - 
Frame 18: Will 01-Asif 23
Update 21:33 PST - 
Muhammad Asif wins 17th frame, leads 9-8 now. Asif is now one frame away from world title

Update 21:31 PST - Muhammad Asif wins 17th Frame. Score is now 9-8.
Update 21:11 PST - 
Gary Wilson took complete advantage of Muhammad Asif’s mistakes to win the 16th frame, match levels at 8-8.
Update 21:10 PST - 
Garry Wilson is taking maximum advantage of every mistake Asif makes.

Update 21:00 PST - 16th Frame: 19-0

Update 20:56 PST - Muhammad Asif recovers to win 15th frame 69-32, Asif now leading 8-7 in the final against Gary Wilson.

Update 20:55 PST - Muhammad Asif (Pak) wins the 8th frame against Gary Wilson (Eng) in the final of World Snooker & now leads 8-7 in best of 19 frames game.

We will update this page after any update received

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