CCL 2013: Chennai Rhinos vs Karnataka Bulldozers Live Streaming 16th Feb

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Watch Chennai Rhinos vs Karnataka Bulldozers Live Streaming 6th match of Celebrity Cricket League 2013 at Hyderabad. CS vs KB Live Streaming, Live Scorecard, ball by ball score updates played on 16-2-2013. CCL 2013 Live Streaming will telecast live on  Star Vijay and Suvarna TV in regional languages commentary.

Chennai Rhinos vs Karnataka Bulldozers Live Streaming

  • Chennai Rhinos vs Karnataka Bulldozers T20 (20 over match)
  • Match Time: 7:00 pm (IST)
  • Match Venue: Hyderabad
  • Date: 16.2.2013 (Saturday)
  • Event: CCL 3

After one year, Chennai Rhinos are again going to compete against Karnataka Bulldozers. Their match will be played on 16th February in Hyderabad. Before a year ago, both the teams were held to compete for the title in finals of CCL 2012, in which Chennai Rhinos got victory with just one run.

After this victory, lots of controversies began as the team officials had claimed that there had been some decisions due to which the team was really upset. They had also boycotted final ceremony of that tournament.

Their owner was also not happy with the competition. He said that he wanted a rematch so that the spirit of game can be saved. He further stated that the team was not willing to get the title of runner up because ethically they had won the match. Now by this match, they can take revenge from their defeat as they cannot even get such a useful chance again and again.

Their owner also stated that though his is unhappy and unsatisfied by the results, but he just walked to get that trophy in order to save the dignity of CCL. Film stars must set the examples of role models but this act has implemented bad impact over their personalities.

The team was not pleased with decisions that had ruined their dreams of being the Champions of CCL 2012. In the last over while bowling, Vikranth strike ball on the bails when Karthik left his crease for run before the delivery of the ball. In reality, this action is to warn the batsman that he must not have to leave crease before delivery and he do this two times, he will be considered as run out.

Chennai Rhinos are owned by K. Ganga Prasad and are led by Vishal who is an amazing medium pacer. Their vice captain is Vikraanth, another brilliant pacer for Chennai. Beside both of them, the team considers Arya, Jiva, Abdullah Khan, Vishnu and Prithvi as their main players.

They are expecting a lot from Vishnu who have made 95 runs from 45 balls unbeaten inning in the match against Bhojpuri Dabanggs.  Though he performed well but his team lost that match and the Dabanggs have snatched victory from them. Vikranth has also played well as they made 42 runs from 37 runs and 1 wicket from 16 runs. Vikranth also has great importance for Chennai.

On the other hand, Karnataka Bulldozers have tightened their belts and are enthusiastic to compete against Chennai. They are waiting for the day when they step into the ground to take revenge of their defeat. Their captain Sundeep will hopefully be leading his team after recovering from his injury.

This match would actually be the real examination of abilities for both the teams. This will be their first match after warm up game. They have made 191 runs in their 1st inning and restricted their opponents to made those runs. Their opponents “Press Club of Bangalore” had only made 108 runs while playing in second.

Rahul, Tharun Chandra, Rajeev, Vishwas, Predeep, Abhimaniyu and Darshan will be their major players in this tournament. The team thoroughly relay on these players because they have performed brilliantly in the previous two seasons. So, now the match between Chennai Rhinos and Karnataka Bulldozers will be really exciting as defending champions are at one side while on the other side, there is a team who is the runner up of the last season.

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